Welcome to Go Ye Kids!

Jesus commanded His followers to Go Ye… Go ye into all the world and make disciples. That included kids! Our goal is to put resources into your hands that will help you go into your local community and teach kids about the One True God: Jesus Christ. Here’s the deal though. Even though we’ve been writing material […]

Protect Your Ministry and Family with Internet Filtering

I was eleven years old the first time I stumbled into the world of online pornography. I was in sixth grade and had received an assignment to write an essay about President Bill Clinton. Being eleven and new to the internet (few families in my town owned computers and had home internet at this point) […]

Throwing a Happy Birthday Jesus Party

What better way to celebrate Christmas with your kids than with a birthday party? Use some of these ideas to throw a bash your kids will never forget! Party Invitations! Buy or print birthday party invitations and hand out to kids prior to the service. If you plan several days before your party, sending these […]

Teacher Training: How to Answer Tough Questions Kids Ask

“If Jesus said to pray for our enemies, does that mean we are supposed to pray for the devil?” This question was recently posed on a children’s ministry forum after one teacher had a child ask that in kids church. I’m not stranger to this question; I’ve had kids in my own classes ask the […]

Finding the Super Hero in Every Child

HERO. noun. “A person who is…admired for courage.”   “I thought you were cussing at me,” 8-year-old Daryn* explained to me. “That’s how my grandpa always says it. I didn’t know He was a real person.” My heart broke. It was day three of VBS and this was Daryn’s first week joining us. His comments […]

What Kind of Seeds are You Planting?

“You really stink at playing the drums.” When I was in high school I learned the true meaning of “be instant in season and out of season”. We lost our church drummer and somehow I was the only person who had any desire whatsoever to play. So when asked if I wanted to be the […]