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Go Ye Kids is committed to providing quality curriculum to every children’s leader regardless of ability to pay. As part of our mission to do that, we have instituted a Buy One Give One Program: for every resource you purchase, one will be donated to an organization in need.

For more information, read our frequently asked questions below:

Do I get to choose what organization receives the free curriculum?

Not directly. We provide free curriculum to organizations based on the Grant Applications we receive. However, if you have a church or organization in mind that needs free or reduced-cost curriculum, please direct them to our Grant Application.

How do you choose grant recipients?

Grants are based on need. We choose our recipients based on the Grant Applications we receive as well as other requests (someone may come up to us at a conference or send us a request on social media).

Do you require proof of need to receive free curriculum?

No, our BOGO program is based on an honor system. We do ask that all individuals filling out the application please be honest when stating need as running this website, creating resources, and paying conference dues adds up quickly and funds are needed to keep this ministry running.

How can I get help with paying for GYK curriculum?

If you are in need of free or reduced-cost curriculum, click here to fill out a Grant Application.


Are all curriculum donations provided digitally?

Yes. All of our curriculum is digital. No physical products will be shipped.

What if I have other questions?

Please reach out to us on our Contact page.

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