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MADE FOR THIS MOMENT is a 4-week small group series designed to help kids and young people discover God’s purpose for their lives.


These lessons are perfect for online video conferencing classes as well as for in-person small group settings. Furthermore, they can be adapted to use with larger groups and as a supplement for full Kids Church/Youth Group services.


Each lesson includes:

  • An easy-to-answer icebreaker question to get your students talking
  • Scripture references to look up and read together
  • A true, short story that relates to the topic
  • Multiple open-ended discussion questions that relate to each week’s topic


These lessons will inspire both you and your students and provide an open forum to explore the whys and whats of our Christian faith.


Topics in this series:

  • God Made You Valuable (What does God think of me?)
  • God Made You for a Purpose (Why did God create me?)
  • God Made You Powerful (What can I do for God?)
  • God Made You a Leader (How can I be a true leader?)


Lessons are 1 page each, designed to be printed in landscape mode, folded, and placed in the Group Leader’s Bible while he or she teaches. This book also includes a “How to Use” section that discusses how to best use these lessons.


Digital download only. 8 pages.

Made for This Moment - 4-Week Small Group Series

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