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I Want to Know About... Water Baptism is a fun, informative kids Bible study that will teach your students the whats, whys, and hows of water baptism according to scripture.


Using plenty of hands-on Bible activities and games, your students will explore topics such as:


  • What is water baptism?
  • What does the Passover have to do with baptism?
  • How the gospel relates to baptism
  • How Jesus and Peter taught baptism
  • What is "the name" Jesus told us to baptize in? 
  • What does it mean to be baptized "in the name of Jesus"?
  • How do we "put on" Christ?
  • Baptism as a symbol of Jesus' burial and resurrection
  • What is forgiveness of sins and remission of sins?
  • When should I get baptized?
  • Am I ready to get baptized?
  • What happens when I get baptized?
  • Frequently asked questions about water baptism


Best suited for kids ages 8-12, this Bible study could also be used with teens or with younger children who are advanced readers or who have reading assistance.


This resource primarily uses the King James Version of the Bible. It is pro-immersion, pro- Jesus name baptism, and pro- baptism is a commandment from God.


Full color, includes a "how to use this resource" page and answer keys to the puzzles in the book. Activity book is 26 pages long (21 pages of instruction/activities plus cover pages). Entire download is 34 pages. PDF, 73.4MB.


This is an instant digital download product. No physical goods will be shipped. One download allows you to make unlimited copies for your local church/organization.

I Want to Know About... Water Baptism

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