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Need an idea for this week's lesson? Try this FREE craft printable and watch your kids be AMAZED by the miracle in the fiery furnace!


Supplies needed: Craft templates (1 for each student), white crayons and darker colored crayons, watercolor paints (red/orange/yellow), paintbrushes, water.




1. Print out one copy of the template for each student. This craft works best if printed on cardstock, although standard paper can work if it doesn't get too wet.


2. Before class, using a white crayon, draw a stick figure man in the rectangle (the rectangle represents the furnace, the white crayon figure represents God). Teachers with older students may choose to let them draw the Jesus figure themselves.


3. During class, instruct your students to draw Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the rectangle, using any color crayon other than white (darker crayons work best).


4. After students draw the three men, have them paint the entire inside of the rectangle using red, orange, and yellow watercolor paints. The paints represent fire.


The paint will not stick to the crayon drawings, so students will not only be able to see their drawings of the three men, but Jesus will also appear in the "fire"!


*Please note minor differences in the text between the example photo and the downloadable template. These changes were made to improve the resource.

Fiery Furnace Craft Template

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