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FEAR NOT is a 4-week Kid Church series designed to help kids overcome their fears and put their trust in Jesus Christ.


Digital download only. 52 pages.


Topics include:

Ezekiel in the Valley of Dry Bones – With God All Things are Possible

Jael conquers Sisera – We Have Courage in God

Lucifer’s Fall from Heaven – We Have Power Over Satan

Lazarus Raises from the Dead – We Don’t Have to Fear



Detailed Synopsis:

It’s almost that time of year again–when our neighborhoods are overrun with things that terrify kids–skeletons, devils, mummies, etc. But what if this year, instead of your kids feeling afraid, these things reminded them to have faith in our Big, Powerful God?


What if this year, when your kids see a skeleton, they think of Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones and remember that with God all things are possible? What if, when they see a devil, your kids are reminded that their praise silences Satan? What if, when seeing blood and gore, your kids think of Jael conquering Israel’s enemy and they remember that God gives them courage to do the hard things too? What if, when they see mummies, they’re reminded of God raising Lazarus from the dead and think about how God will help them in their times of need as well? These lessons will help kids see that God is with them in scary times and that He will help them through anything they face!


This is a DIGITAL resource (pdf file) that can be shared with every teacher on your team. You don’t need to buy multiple copies, and the book can be accessed from any phone/tablet/computer that has pdf reading capabilities. Fear Not covers four weeks and, while it was written with October in mind, the lessons work great all year round!


Included in the lessons are various activities such as creative Bible stories, object lessons, games, crafts, snacks, and more! You’ll also get a teacher devotional with every lesson to help you apply it to your life, and a handy outline of the lesson that can be printed and placed in your Bible so you can remember the activities without having the book out.


Many of these ideas could also be used for Harvest Parties and Halloween-alternative events!

FEAR NOT - 4-Week Curriculum Series

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