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A fun fundraising/supply drive idea to help stock your classrooms!


Print these tags on colored paper, then write one need on each tag.

Hang the tags on a tree or other display where donors can choose one or more.

Donors then purchase the gift listed on the tag(s) and bring them to your ministry.


Ideas to put on tags:

Box of crayons

Box of markers

Pack of glue sticks

Ream of paper

Pair of kid-friendly scissors

Box of fruit snacks

Box of Goldfish crackers

Case of bottled water

Giftcard to Michaels/Joann/Hobby Lobby/Dollar Tree, etc.

Candy or party favors for the prize box

Pack of balloons


It's best to keep each tag at a small request so more people may participate.  For example, if you need 30 boxes of markers to meet the needs of your entire ministry, instead of putting "30 boxes of markers" on a tag, make 30 tags with one box each, or 15 tags with two boxes listed.


Keep in mind that many people will take more than one tag, but having tags with small cost amounts make it easier for all to get involved.

Donation Tags

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