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Teach your students that Jesus' sacrifice was for them with this beautiful, hands-on craft!


SUPPLIES: Templates (1 for each students), different colors of stamp pads or fingerpaints.


Before creating this craft, explain to your students that scientists believe every person's fingerprints are unique. Every person has their own, and no two people have the same exact ones. Jesus created all of us uniquely and special.


When Jesus died on the cross, it wasn't just for all of mankind as a whole; it was also for each and every one of us. He loved each and every one of us so much that He was willing to sacrifice Himself to save us.




1. Print out one template for each student (this craft works best on cardstock, but it can be done on standard paper as long as kids don't use too much paint.


2. Hand out the templates along with different colors of stamp pads or fingerpaints. 


3. Show students how to leave a fingerprint by pressing their finger onto the stamp pad or into the paint, and then pressing their finger onto the cross.


4. Fill up the entire inside of the cross with fingerprints to create a stained-glass looking cross. Be sure to explain to them that they are filling it up with fingerprints and not using swiping motions to "fingerpaint" it.

Cross Fingerprint Template

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