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Help your students learn the books of the Bible in fun, creative ways!


This series offers two types of activities: games and worksheets. Games are designed to help kids commit the books to memory, and the worksheets help reinforce the material or demonstate the students' learning.


Many students will be able to say all of the books of the Bible by the end of this nine-week program (*some students may work quicker, while others may need a little more time). It is best suited for 3rd-8th grades, although many of these activities have been used with students as young as 1st grade, and can be used with high school students and as family activities as well. Students must be able to read to complete the activities in this book.


This series, originally designed for classroom or homeschool use, can be easily adapted for church programs. Simply give students a week's worth of material at a time, and encourage them to play the games at home in addition to playing them during church. Suggestions are made in the book for classroom use, home use, and church use, including ideas for turning multi-player games into single-player.


Your purchase of one download gives you a license to use this material in every class in your church/local organization, or for every child in your family. This gives you substantial savings over programs that require a book for every student.


View the attached images to see samples from the book.


Digital download only (no physical goods will be shipped). PDF format, 108 pages total.

Books of the Bible - 9-Week Memory Program

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