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Object Lesson: Now and Later Candy

Reach into your Harvest Party candy stash and pull out a Now and Later for this object lesson!

In Matthew 25 we read the parable of the ten bridesmaids. Half of the bridesmaids prepared for the wedding ahead of time, and the other half kept putting it off, thinking they would have time later. Unfortunately, the ones who kept putting it off ran out of time, and they missed out.

God has a lot of good things for us, both in this life and in Heaven, but we must live for Him to experience those good things. It's important to make the decision NOW to follow Him, instead of waiting for LATER, so we don't miss out on having a relationship with Him. (Get it? NOW and LATER? ) Furthermore, if we wait too long, we might miss out altogether if that decision doesn't come before Jesus takes His followers to Heaven.

Let's experience the good things that come from living for God NOW, instead of waiting for LATER.

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