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Favorite Things Notebook

One surefire way to build a great relationship with your students is to remember small details about them that they share with you. Being able to recall information about their favorites and preferences during lessons, events, birthdays, etc. shows that they matter to you and that you truly care about them.

A great way to keep track of these things is with a simple spiral notebook. In the notebook, dedicate one page to each student by writing their name at the top. When the student shares information about themselves, write it down on their page.

Types of information to note:

  • Birthday

  • Favorite Color

  • Favorite Food

  • Favorite Drink

  • Favorite character or hobby (do they like cars, horses, bugs, Star Wars or Shopkins, etc.)

  • Favorite Music Group/Musician

  • Favorite Book

  • Favorite subject in school

  • Info about their families such as whether or not they have siblings, pets, etc.

  • Any other random tidbits you learn

Ways to implement some of this information in your class:

  • When buying items for your class such as notebooks or bags, try to buy them in your students’ favorite colors

  • When one of your students is celebrating a birthday, try to match the snack to their favorite food or drink

  • Try to use kids’ interests in object lessons

  • Ask them how school is going and what they’re doing in their favorite subject

  • If their favorite band is Christian, maybe add a song or two to your music playlist from that band

  • Etc.

**Please note that this is not a notebook for keeping track of things like health concerns or private information. This is specifically a reference to be used for building a relationship with your kids.

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