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30 Service Ideas for Kids

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Looking for service projects or missions ideas for your kids? Try some of these!

(To download this list as a handout you can give to your students, scroll to the bottom of the page)

  1. Collect and deliver food to the local food bank

  2. Write and send letters to our troops

  3. Make and deliver cards to nursing home residents

  4. Volunteer to read to younger kids at a local educational program

  5. Pass out invite cards to church or to Kids Church

  6. Teach a Bible Study

  7. Volunteer to help clean the church

  8. Fill a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child or choose an Angel Tree child (during Christmastime)

  9. Participate in a fundraiser for a cause you support (host a yard sale, run a lemonade stand, volunteer at a 5k, etc.)

  10. Volunteer for an organization of your choice

  11. Volunteer to help out during Kids Church

  12. Find someone who needs prayer. Tell them you’ll be praying for them and then commit yourself to praying for them every day for at least a week.

  13. Make a card for someone to let them know you care about them

  14. Go outside and pick up litter (remember to wear gloves!)

  15. Volunteer to do yard work or other errands for a person in need

  16. Deliver cookies or another treat to local law enforcement officers or firefighters

  17. Take food or water to homeless people

  18. Make blankets or chew toys to give to an animal shelter (you can find instructions online)

  19. Introduce yourself to another kid at church or at the park (or another place) and invite them to come play with you

  20. Donate one or more of your toys to a local children’s hospital or shelter

  21. Organize and participate in a game night at a senior center

  22. Decorate paper lunch bags for Meals on Wheels

  23. Bake cookies and deliver them to a person of your choice

  24. Decorate a duffel bag for foster youth

  25. Make a no-sew blanket for Project Linus

  26. Ask if there are any projects that need to be done at the church or at your school

  27. Help your siblings (or parents) with their chores—above and beyond your own

  28. Is there an area of ministry within the church that you would like to serve? Ask what needs to be done in that area.

  29. Google “service projects for kids” (with your parents’ permission) to find more opportunities!

  30. Can’t find an organization that supports a cause you care about? Start your own! Talk to your parents and/or teacher about your idea!

30 Service Ideas
Download PDF • 3.13MB

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