My costume choices have changed over the years.

My costume choices have changed over the years.

My name is Vanessa Taylor and I’ve been in kidmin for 12 years now. Despite my initial response of “There’s no way I’m teaching Sunday School”, I couldn’t resist the calling God had on my life to jump in with both feet to the world of children’s ministry.

I was a Junior in High School when I started; I had helped out in a class only three times when all of a sudden both of the teachers we had at our church quit. One joined the military and one moved to Alaska. This left the question of who in the church would be willing be teach each Sunday? We were a smaller church at the time so it wasn’t like we had a huge pool of volunteers.

Me and LarryBoy. Total BFFs.

Me and LarryBoy.
Total BFFs.

About two or three days later I was getting ready to go to school when I started venting to my pastor and his wife (who had taken me in as their own) about how people were referring to Kids Church as “glorified babysitting” and that if people would just see it as more valuable and make it more than babysitting it could lead to great things. My pastor looked at me and said with a huge smile, “Are you feeling a burden to take over Sunday School?” I looked at both of them for a minute then said, “No way!” and walked out the door.

I made it to the end of the driveway and onto the sidewalk when I stopped. It was like God was talking to me and saying, “You have the ability to change this, you know. Are you going to be so self-centered and hypocritical, complaining that people think Kids Church is babysitting when you yourself feel the same way? You know it can be better so what’s stopping you?” I walked back up the driveway, opened the front door, poked my head in and said, “Maybe.” Then I turned around and left for school.

Looking crazy is always a plus!

Looking crazy is always a plus!

That Sunday I took over the kidmin department and life has never been the same!

A few weeks in I got frustrated with the curriculum (we actually had two difference curricula I could choose from) because neither was working for our kids. There was a lot of head knowledge in the lessons but it was mostly kids sitting down listening while the teacher talks and then coloring a page at the end. So I approached my pastor one day and said, “If you trust me enough to teach these kids, could you trust me enough to start writing my own lessons? I feel like so much could be done but these books just aren’t working out.” He replied, “Do what you feel God wants you to do.”

So I did. I started writing the curriculum and trying things completely out of the box. Some days people thought I was simply throwing a party each Sunday; other days people would look in at my classroom, give me a funny look and then walk out. One day I stunk up the entire church with a Jonah-experience gone wrong (someday I’ll post on this). 90% of everything I learned was from trial-and-error. A LOT of trials and A LOT of errors. The good thing is now I have a bunch of funny stories and experience!

Dressing to match the classroom theme is a huge deal for us!

Dressing to match the classroom theme is a huge deal for us!

Over the next 8.5 years things got better. We had incredibly talented people join the kidmin team and ended up with multiple classrooms that were amazing. We saw tremendous growth in attendance (for a while our children’s attendance outnumbered our adult attendance) and many kids got saved. God was very good to us!

In 2012 I graduated from Hope International University/Apostolic School of Theology with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry/Church Leadership and Administration. Four months later, I moved out of state to the Seattle area and started attending the church my husband [boyfriend at the time] grew up in (he had been a member of the church since he was six months old!).

My husband as a toddler with our Bishop!

My husband as a toddler with our Pastor!

After we got married in December of 2014, we talked about our careers and plans for the future. I told him that for years people have encouraged me to publish the stuff I write but that I never got around to it (and I lost years of stuff I wrote in my move). I shared with him my burden to help churches in need and to someday do kidmin full-time. He was 100% on board with this and in 2015 we took the leap of faith; I quit my career to pursue writing and this blog is step one of that. Step two is that I am working on writing and publishing curriculum books.

My husband loves teaching as much as I do!

We make a GREAT team!

I titled this page Go Ye Kids because the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 is to “GO YE therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” Children are just as much a part of that mandate as adults, and since most people come to God as children, it is imperative that we reach their generation as well.

It is my prayer that the lessons and ideas on this page will help you be able to effectively teach kids about the One True God–Jesus Christ–and His plan of salvation for all mankind.

If you have any questions or would like to see a lesson on a specific theme or Bible passage, please contact me!


Vanessa Taylor

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